We have 3 work projects remaining in order to complete the bridge rehabilitaion process.  During the next couple of weeks we will see:

•  adjustments to the guard rails so that the snow plow blade can make a smooth transition to the bridge rail

•  the replacement of the small misaligned section of curb and the installation of rock baskets and hand railing.

•   We anticipate that this work will require some closure time of the bridge so work can proceed in a timely and safe manner and we will advise you of the dates and times as soon as they have been confirmed.

We do not anticipate any unusual time adjustments and have estimated that it will take 2 -3 days to complete the work.



Residents may put their name forward for any of the three open positions on the board of directors.  We currently require someone who has the skills and interest to develp our Communications (tech), someone who has interest and/or background with Environmental/legal aspects and a Secretarial position (currently under review).

We will require a fourth new board member to step into the Treasurer’s position.  This position will be formally posted in the early spring with the hopes of having someone in place just prior to the Annual Assessment in May.

We are also in the process of interviewing for our Clerk position and hope to have someone in place by the end of next week.